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Manufacturing plays an important role in our country, contributing trillions of dollars to the national economy each year. In fact, manufacturers in America are the most productive in the world, with a worker productivity rate far exceeding similarly developed countries. As manufacturing continues to play an important role in our countries economy, workforce, and daily life, we plan to celebrate manufacturing on October 3rd, national manufacturing day.

October is manufacturing month and a time to celebrate the wonderful contributions that America’s manufacturers have made to our country. It is also a time to highlight the challenges and successes of our country in recent years. Manufacturing day on October 3rd is meant to address common misperceptions about the industry and educate the population about what manufacturers do. Specifically, manufacturing day can give individual manufacturers an opportunity for their voice to be heard by others. When individual manufacturers come together they can better address any issues that are collectively facing.

U.S. manufacturers have more reasons to celebrate, according to Markit, U.S. factory activity expanded at the fastest pace in over four years in August 2014. Additionally, the preliminary numbers for output increased from 59.7 to 60.2 from July 2014 to August 2014. All of these factors are making U.S. manufacturers happy because it could mean even more good news as the months go on and into the New Year.

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of steel pipe flanges, wind tower flanges and industrial castings and forgings, we are passionate about our nation’s manufacturing industry and want to see it succeed. Along with other events and programs geared towards advancing U.S. manufacturing, we’re excited to participate and support manufacturing day in 2014.

Author Name:
Randy P. Jones, Senior Engineering Technical Manager, CAB World
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