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New Technologies and Materials Revving Up the Automotive Industry

Every year, car designs and capabilities seem to get more and more advanced in an effort to make drivers’ lives easier. Features that often come standard today wouldn’t have even been feasible years ago. Overall, the focus is on safety, convenience, and cost efficiency. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the top new technologies and materials that are revolutionizing the automotive sector.

Radar Detection

It’s quite common now to have a rear view camera helping you see any objects or people behind your vehicle as you reverse. But what about the things that aren’t yet in your field of view? Technology is getting more advanced, and now, automotive radar systems can detect objects as they approach the vehicle’s path. The systems sound the alarm even before there’s anything for you to see and avoid.

Alternative Power Sources

Electric vehicles are already old news in the automotive space, but they’re not the only gas-alternatives to consider anymore (though more electric vehicles are in the works). Over the next year, it’s expected that Honda, Toyota, and Hyundai will all have hydrogen-powered options added to their line-ups.

Autonomous Capabilities

This is probably the technology that’s been getting the most attention in this sector lately. Numerous manufacturers are working toward autonomous vehicles, though it’s unclear exactly when a functional model will be on the market. However, steps are being taken to automate certain aspects of driving – including hands free driving and parking. According to Wikipedia no system has achieved full autonomy (SAE Level 5) yet, but several companies are working on it.”

Composite Materials

More and more vehicles are incorporating lightweight yet strong composite materials like carbon fiber. As fuel efficiency becomes increasingly important to drivers and manufacturers, lighter vehicles that can still withstand crash tests are gaining demand. Carbon fiber is an extremely durable option that reduces the weight of the car, and in some cases, is even bullet proof. The benefits are many, and automotive manufacturers are taking note and incorporating these materials into more models.hydrogen-powered options

Author Name:
Randy P. Jones, Senior Engineering Technical Manager, CAB World
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