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Since early 2000 when CAB Worldwide entered the rail industry, our focus has been to build solid long-term partnerships. Over the years we have worked closely with our customers utilizing our experience and successes in developing specific patterns to support the development and growth of our customers. Our offerings continue to grow and currently we supply track components such as; Self Guarded Solid Manganese Frogs, Cast Ductile Iron Braces, Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Joint Bars, Cast and Forged side jaw clips, Hook Twin Tie Plates and Crane Rail Clips to name a few. Our reputation in the industry of providing a variety of quality track materials remains solid through this day. Whether you have a need for standard track materials or if you are looking to develop a new product, CAB Worldwide is ready to review your needs.


  • Self-Guarded Solid Manganese Frogs
  • Track bolts
  • Joint bars
  • Hook Twin Tie Plates
  • Crane rail clips
  • 100RE side jaw clips
  • 100RE adjustable side jaw clips
  • 115/132RE side jaw clips
  • 115/132RE adjustable side jaw clips
  • F34 Backer with spring plate
  • 811 Wedge
  • 9020 Brace
  • 100 Brace
  • 115 Brace
  • 115W Brace
  • 132 Brace
  • Pawl Bolts
Author Name:
Randy P. Jones, Senior Engineering Technical Manager, CAB World
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