Steel Pipe Flanges

CAB manufactures and imports a wide variety of steel pipe flanges meeting following standards:

  • AWWA C207 (American Waterworks Association C207) in carbon steels complying with AWWA C207
  • AWWA C228 (American Waterworks Association C228) in stainless steels complying with AWWA C228
  • ANSI/ASME (American National Standards Institute/American Society Mechanical Engineers) B16.5 and B16.47 in forged carbon and stainless steels, typically ASTM/ASME A105; ASTM/ASME A182; ASTM/ASME 350 and other materials.
  • Large Diameter Custom Flanges in diameters up to 216 from our Texas plant and 276 from overseas.

CAB maintains the nations's largest inventory of US manufactured (American made steel material) and imported AWWA flanges as well as ANSI/ASME b16.5 forged flanges.

In addition, CAB can manufacture custom flanges to meet you specialized needs. Our Nacogdoches, Texas manufacturing and distribution facility is centrally located to server all of North America cost effectively