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Think You Know About Robots? Survey Finds A Major Information Gap

When people think of the future of robotics, many envision personal helpers in the house, or robotic arms performing tedious factory jobs. While there are a number of companies already making these a reality, the applications for robots are much more varied than we give them credit for. And, they’re also much more applicable to daily life today – the trouble is, most people don’t see the “robots” that are in plain sight.

What do we mean by this? When you consider the possibility of a robot helping you with housework, you may imagine a humanoid holding a vacuum cleaner. But many people already have robot helpers at home in the form of programmable thermostats and smart appliances that can wirelessly communicate with you and with each other.

There’s also an information gap regarding what robots are and aren’t capable of doing. In a recent survey, most respondents acknowledge that robots can perform basic functions like manual labor, but about half felt that basic financial processes were beyond their abilities. In fact, automated software has shown to be reliable at analyzing data and making appropriate recommendations.

And for those who fear that advanced technology including artificial intelligence will threaten their jobs, industrial leaders assure that humans will always be necessary in some capacity. The main goal is for technology to enhance jobs, rather than replace them. Not to mention, more advanced robots need more advanced designers and engineers to create and maintain them.

What’s your stance on the future of robotics? And how many AI systems are you surrounded by now? Let us know your take on Twitter!

Author Name:
Randy P. Jones, Senior Engineering Technical Manager, CAB World
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